Is Your Marriage In Trouble? 10 Common Relationship Problems

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“Know that inside every successful person is someone who experienced failure but refused to let it define them, picked themselves up and kept going”, Judy Woodruff, Senior Correspondent, PBS

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Relationship problems… we all have them or have faced them in the past. “What is wrong?”, we may ask.  Well, there may be a number of problems in your relationship, and here are some of the most common:

1) Apathy.
After a while, we can get into a rut and start taking our partner for granted, or he may take us for granted. Relationships mean work, and if this is a problem, you’ll have to get creative in how to rekindle the romance. Try writing a love letter or calling him more often. Small shows of affection can go a long way in saving your relationship.

2) Hostility.
You or your partner may be filled with resentment or hidden anger. The past and how we deal with it is important here. Try forgiveness. Sometimes there is just no other answer to the problem.

3) Different goals.
Are you and your partner on the same wavelength? Are you moving forward to achieve common goals? If not, it is time to set some goals you and your partner can strive for together.

4) Control.
Are you trying to control your partner, only to be left feeling frustrated? Control and resistance to control are common issues in a wife-husband relationship. Remember that we usually have to let go of control if we want to have a nurturing relationship.

5) Bored with the relationship.
The love and excitement may have at an all time low, and you don’t know what to do. Try some new activities and some new ways of interacting with your partner.

6) Codependence.
How is your sense of self? Do you feel comfortable with who you are? Try working on your self-worth and self-esteem.

7) Communication.
You may want to read my article “Communication Skills Can Save Your Marriage”. Lack of good communication skills is one of the most common problems in a relationship. Follow the tips outlined in my article and you may see significant improvement.

8) Friends and Family.
Some people who really have no business interfering with your relationship may be offering input that you are better off ignoring. Although people have good intentions, only you are responsible for the relationship and your actions. Don’t allow other people’s opinions to influence your marriage or relationship with your boyfriend.

9) Lack of conflict resolution skills.
If you don’t fight fair or if your partner does not fight fair, the relationship will suffer. Take a time-out if the discussion gets heated. Focus on the positive. Stay in the present.

10) Prioritize your relationship.
If you are too busy with work or family responsibilities, make the time to spend some time with your partner talking and hugging. He may respond well to the attention, and your relationship will improve.

Ask yourself: Does your husband or lover seem distant?  Does it seem like the romance is gone from the relationship?  Would you like him to change?  Does he seem to be somewhat removed, cold, detached, indifferent,  or unloving

Don’t ignore those red flags!

Women who are proactive enough to look for options before the problems they are facing turn into enormous issues, now have access to amazing tools that offer help so that divorce need not be the end result of potential relationship problemsMarriage counseling is not the only solution.  You may not even be able to drag your husband or lover to counseling sessions!

So take action today and see for yourself how your relationship can improve!

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  1. I recently read an awesome article about resentment breeding contempt… was perfect timing for me to come across it, because it can be a killer if it gets outta hand.
    Relationships ain’t easy, but when they’re good, they’re wonderful.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, resentment is a killer, and the worst part is that it is usually the person doing the resenting that gets hurt the most. Forgiveness is healing, but it is a process. It is important to try not to project our resentment on others, as this is only an invitation for further conflict

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