Important Tips On How To Resolve Conflict With Your Husband

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agreeing to disagree
agreeing to disagree (Photo credit: the|G|™)

We all know how easily a discussion can escalate into an argument. Your wife husband relationship is one of the most important relationships in your life, and arguing is not what you want to do. Once you are arguing there is no telling where the situation is headed and how the relationship may be impacted. Following the following rules can steer you clear of major mistakes in conflict resolution:

1) Take a step back.
Before things get out of hand, excuse yourself for a minute or two. Go to the bathroom or make some other excuse to take some time to come down and stay centered. If you will just do this one thing, you may very well avoid saying something you will regret later.

2) Stay in the present.
It is common to want to bring up past mistakes or issues that you feel support your position, but by doing so you increase the likelihood that your spouse will become defensive and shut down, closing himself off to whatever you want to say next. Stay clear of the past and focus on the issue at hand.

3) Respect is king.
We all want our boundaries respected. If you say something that your husband interprets as disrespectful, anger is sure to follow. Pick your words carefully and make sure you are being sensitive to his feelings. This will make him want to listen to you.

4) Timing is important.
Don’t pick a time to discuss an issue when your husband is busy or you feel he may not be open to talking about what concerns you. He may interpret your attempt at communication as nagging. This is particularly true if you have already tried to talk to him about the issue and he has not responded.

5) Stay on point.
Try not to talk about more than one issue at a time. There may be a number of problems you want to discuss, but trying to discuss more than one thing at a time will only increase the chances of an argument because your point is not clear.

6) Agree to disagree.
You may not find a solution to the problem after a fair amount of discussion, but you will have made your point if your husband listened and you were able to say what you wanted to say. This may be enough for the time being, and pushing the issue will just make the situation worse.

7) Try to understand his point of view.
If your husband feels understood, he is much more likely to open up to you and to listen to what you have to say. He will be less defensive and you will be able to reach him. This is extremely important and one of the most effective ways for you to stay in control of the situation, avoiding an argument to escalate. Relationships take work.

Ask yourself: Does your husband or lover seem distant?  Does it seem like the romance is gone from the relationship?  Would you like him to change?  Does it seem like you are fighting more often?  Does he seem to be somewhat insensitive,  cold, detached, indifferent,  or unloving?

Don’t ignore those red flags!

Women who are proactive enough to look for options before the problems they are facing turn into enormous issues, now have access to amazing tools that offer help so that divorce need not be the end result of potential relationship problems.  Marriage counseling is not the only solution.  You may not even be able to drag your husband or lover to counseling sessions!

Take action today and see for yourself how much your relationship can improve!

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